How is your property like a $30 steak?

How is your property like a $30 steak?

Anyone can list a property. It takes proper presentation to sell it.

How is your property like a $30 steak?

You’re at the local farmers’ market looking for some quality steaks to serve for dinner. You want to impress your guests, and the price is not an issue. You aren’t leaving the market without several hundreds of dollars worth of beef.

There are two local beef vendors to choose from. You ask to see the best steak each of them has to offer.

The first farmer puts on a pair of gloves, reaches into the display case and carefully pulls out a perfectly marbled filet mignon wrapped in butcher paper.

The second farmer has filet mignon to show you, too. He reaches into a faded old beer cooler and pulls out a black garbage bag. Do you stick around to see what those steaks look like?

Chances are, you’ve gone back to the first farmer who understands the importance of packaging.

The presentation is important. Whether you’re dealing with steak or PEI Real Estate.

If you’re thinking of selling your property in Charlottetown or Prince Edward Island, I want you to call me. Not only do I have serious buyers ready to buy now, but I am going to actually market your property so that it’s irresistible to buyers.

Would you rather be the steak wrapped in butcher paper and twine or the one in a garbage bag?

There is more to selling a property than sticking a “For Sale” sign in the yard.

Selling PEI properties is not easy. (Neither is selling $30 steaks.) If your property isn’t packaged properly for sale, chances are, it’s going to be on the market for longer than it should be, and, if it sells, it won’t be for top dollar.

You need an aggressive marketing plan, and your property needs to be packaged the right way for your audience.

Anyone can list a property, but it takes a seasoned marketing and advertising professional to sell it.

Call/text me or fill out the form below and let’s get your property sold.


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