Staging your home for sale begins at the curb

Staging your home for sale begins at the curb

First impressions are everything.

With regards to a home's first impression, this begins at the curb.

Staging a home for sale will sell your house faster and for more money.

Most people think that staging happens inside the home. In fact, potential home buyers will never see the inside of your home unless you get past the “drive-by.”

96% of people thinking about buying a home will drive by the home that they may have a potential interest in before even booking a showing.

Your driveway is typically one of the largest items in your front yard, and it is commonly overlooked. A poor-looking driveway will likely make the driver-by continue driving by. A poorly maintained driveway and yard can cause the potential buyer to think that the rest of the house is poorly maintained.

De-weeding your driveway and applying driveway sealer costs $75 - $300 and can yield you thousands in return when you sell your home.

Take a look at these examples:

Before driveway sealant

before-drieway-sealant-1.jpg (1024×683) (

After driveway sealant

after-driveway-sealant-1.jpg (1024×683) (

What home would you like to see inside?

What is your Home worth?

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