What should a 1st meeting with an agent look like?

What should a 1st meeting with an agent look like?

You've narrowed down your list and chosen your realtor. Let the fun times begin!

If this is your first time dealing with a realtor, here are some things to expect from your 1st meeting.

1. A time period of 2 hours should be allotted. If your realtor tries to squeeze you in a shorter timeframe, don’t expect their service to be any more attentive.

2. All owners of the property should be present at the meeting, or at the very least; the decision maker.

3. A discussion of your goals:

- How fast (or slow) do you want to sell?

- What did you “think” your house is worth?

- Do you have financing in place for your next purchase? If there is one.

- What is your current mortgage balance?

4. A walk around the house and property discussing the benefits of the house and property.

5. A discussion about the area, the lifestyle, and why they chose that neighbourhood.

6. Things to do in the area.

7. Some quick photos might be taken.

8. Most importantly: A listing presentation that includes what the agent intends to do to market the property, and how they will create the photographs, video, postcards, write copy, and an internet and a Social Media Marketing campaign.

Be sure to check the amount of traffic to the websites mentioned, the number of views on a video and/or YouTube Channel.

Good luck finding your dream home!

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